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Biscuits Conveyor Belts

Biscuits Conveyor Belts

The Biscuit Conveyor Belts we produce in Bosnalı meet the highest standards of the food industry and are woven with the principle of zero tolerance in all manufacturing processes.


Our biscuit conveyor belts, which we supply to the biggest companies of the sector such as Ülker and Bifa, minimize product movement and eliminate the tension caused by oily products, thanks to their unique textures and patterns.

Over the years, although biscuit conveyor belt production models were tried with different natural fibers and synthetic fibers other than cotton, but the absorbency and non-stick characteristics of "cotton" or "cotton weighted" belts could not be achieved, so Biscuit Conveyor Belts made of cotton in Bosnalı constitutes the majority of our production.

Cookie Conveyor Belt
Biscuits Conveyor Belt

Although our endless conveyor belts are compatible with many standard biscuit production lines and rotary equipment (Gea Imaforni, Laser Spa etc.), we can also produce finite or endless biscuit conveyor belts with edge reinforcement in special sizes.

Cotton Biscuits Conveyor Belts

* Special productions with different features can be realized depending on the company's needs.

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